As you might have gathered if you’re a frequent reader, I spend a lot of time Googling for images of Lykke Li. A lot of time. It’s crazy, really. Crazy. Really. I skip meals, soil myself, and sometimes lose track of entire days.

But it’s not all fun and games–there is a problem. Google image results are littered with drawings of Lykke. And they aren’t the good, realistic, sensual kind that a picture-digger might hope to stumble upon. They are ugly, like portrait tattoos gone wrong and little kids’ fucked up interpretations of what humans look like. Next time you draw a picture of Lykke Li, keep it in your little sketch diary hidden under your bed. Nobody likes your pictures.

Hit the jump to see some of this disgusting artwork…

I think that green ooze coming out of Lykke Li’s eyes is a really nice touch! It really takes this piece from pretty good to instant classic! I am personally offended by this.

Did you just take the artistic liberty of giving Lykke Li a cleft lip?

This one had potential, but besides being based off a familiar photo, it bears no resemblance to the beautiful Lykke Li. And those eyes are a little too blank. You made her look like she’s hypnotized or something. Ah, the things I would do with a hypnotized Lykke Li…

If you have to label your drawing with the name of the person depicted, it’s probably a shitty picture. I was unaware that Lykke ever had a bob haircut.

Everything about this one is wrong. At first glance, it looks like she’s choking on a grape, and has another stuck in her ear. You can tell that, at some point during the making of this masterpiece, the artist decided to get high and thought, “Whoa, what if, instead of drawing a neck, I draw another face?” Good thinking, asshole.

This one’s cool. I like this one.

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