I don’t know how to feel about Death Cab For Cutie. I always say stuff like, “it’s all about the music,” but really, there are other things that come into play–things that maybe shouldn’t come into play. Death Cab already has the word “cutie” in their band name, so when they get super cutesy with their songs and videos, sometimes I get a little uncomfortable, like how I feel when I get too invested in a season of Teen Mom. “Stay Young, Go Dancing” is one of Death Cab’s cutesiest songs yet, and the video? It’s like a commercial for cute.

I just said “cute” way too many times. I’m gonna go grow a beard, chop down a tree, and fix somebody’s car. Hit the jump to watch the official video and to see the band perform the new track on David Letterman’s show…

Official video:

David Letterman performance: