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P&P linked up with Theo Martins for an awesome contest a little while back. We asked you guys to remix Theo’s “Up & Away” for a chance to win a free watch, a spot on Theo’s next project and a post on P&P. Honestly, I had low expectations. It’s not that I don’t respect P&P readers, but you guys are really dumb, and you lie a lot.

When Theo and I listened to the submissions, I couldn’t believe how good some of the remixes were. Big thanks to everyone who took part. Very impressive stuff. After much deliberation, Theo and I picked this Earth Moon Earth remix as the winner. Here’s what Mr. Martins said about the remix:

“I really appreciate Earth Moon Earth’s versatility in taking a laid back song like Up & Away and reconstructing it into a modern funkadelic jam of sorts. Very smooth, very funky.”

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