This video cracked my shit up. For a guy who doesn’t much care for visuals, this past week has been all right. Clearly the “Otis” clips had people gathered around the water cooler, and then we have work from OnCue. Talk about polar opposites of the rap royalty spectrum. Kings to jesters.

Con had some very pointed assessments in his analysis of “Otis”, and a similar approach could be taken to the “Feel Tall” video, only in a reverse manner. Here’s a kid having fun by making fun of himself, showing vulnerability and the emptiness inside his pockets. This isn’t about his other other Benz, this is about dusting criticism off as a young artist and proving you still have the guts to knuckle up when people knock your work. It’s commendable and hilarious. So much so that I had a hard time settling on a screenshot for this post, so I went with the above. I mean, who needs Amber Rose and Beyonce when you’ve got Angela and Phyllis?

Video after zee jump…

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