For the final week of the Adult Swim Singles Program, we get a free track and video for Cerebral Ballzy‘s “On The Run.” In 2011, punk music is mostly for the weirdos who kind of smell bad, sit in the corner and sometimes do extreme things for attention. To be completely honest, I don’t know anyone that is really into punk music that doesn’t smell bad. This is not the point.

What I mean to say is – if you love punk, there’s a good chance you smell bad punk isn’t exactly “cool” right now, but in its own way, that makes punk even more appealing. If punk turned into your little sister’s pink, fuzzy, happy thought, there would be something inherently wrong with the state of the genre. And you’d be surprised – sometimes, if you give that weirdo in the corner a chance, he or she will turn out to be a pretty interesting person. If you can get over the stench.

To download all 10 songs that they gave away as part of this singles program, head over to Adult Swim.

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