The Dean’s List has come a long way since we first heard them. Since then, the world of hip-hop has changed drastically. A new batch of non-traditionalists, The Dean’s List being one of them, has won over fans and made it okay to incorporate more elements of indie, pop, rock, and electro into the music, steering away from the gritty boom bap sound of the 90’s.

On “Our Heaven,” Sonny Shotz goes in with John Gannon over Teddy Roxpin production and proves that it’s not just the typically genre-mashing beats of DJ Mendoza that define him as an emcee. This is more of a no-nonsense, straight hip-hop track with hard knocking drums and no chorus to speak of. And I don’t know much about this John Gannon dude, other than he’s from Boston, but he definitely holds his own.

Sonny Shotz ft. John Gannon – “Our Heaven”

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