Most days, we’re caught up in a feeding frenzy of new music that floats on the surface, reeking of raw flesh and slowly flaking off into the water below, teasing our taste buds. We circle underneath like the nefarious animals that we are. Our eyes are blank and wild, and we are waiting to strike whenever we fucking decide to, because we are beast.

It’s a tense, detached scene, so whenever we get a break to relax and spend quality time with an album that we can play from front to back, it’s a good, human connection. Mumford & Sons‘ debut Sigh No More is one of those albums that you can play through without skipping. The English folksters are planning to drop the follow-up album this year, and they stopped by Colorado station KBCO to play a new track, possibly off that album.

This a very bare-boned version, but the song sounds like a promising hint of things to come. Listen below.

Mumford & Sons – “Home/Untitled” (Live on KBCO)

Shoutout to 24 Bit and Tha Good Life Reviews for the heads up.