I think I’ve hyped up the New York DJ Kingdom enough in my Dance Music Posts that he’s earned himself a real post for this new track. In case you haven’t read those posts: Kingdom is my favorite electronic producer in the game right now, hands down. His stuff is interesting, dark, a little weird and really cool. If I had to tack a genre on him I’d say somewhere between house and UK funky, but he’s really unclassifiable, like all great artists. Think twisted R&B for the best genre reference point to a lot of his songs.

This is the A-side to a single coming out on Fool’s Gold, and it really isn’t even a dance song. Featuring vocals from Naomi Allen of Electrik Red, it’s a swirly bassy tune that I’m really liking.

Kingdom f. Naomi Allen “Take Me” by foolsgoldrecs

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