When e-dubble released his first official single, “Changed My Mind,” on iTunes back in May, it was pretty clear that he had reached a peak. What do you do when you reach a peak? You build.

With “Rebuild,” e-dub keeps up the intensity and fires out words of an independent artist who’s clearly done things his own way and gotten by on a strict diet of passion and determination, which most often just creates a growing hunger. In today’s musical environment, so many artists blow up with the quickness of a viral video or a smash hit that appeared out of nowhere. The buzz around these artists is usually tied to some mysterious backstory, major artist cosign, wild image, or something as simple as a catchy chorus that’s fun to sing along with when you’re drunk.

The big man from Baltimore has taken a longer route, but it’s clear that he’s not concerned with anything except the quality of his music. One piece at a time, in the most organic way possible, he’s continued to show constant progression in his rapping, production, and ferocity. “Rebuild” is no exception.

e-dubble – Rebuild

If you’re in the NY area, catch e-dub live when he headlines the P&P presented show in exactly one week. You can keep up with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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