Tupac said that “revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting pussy.” I think that the third and fourth things on that list might have to be hip-hop and reality television.

Sweetest Joys In Life:
1) Getting pussy
2) Revenge
3) Hip-hop
4) Reality television

How does that list look? I’m not sure about it – sometimes I think maybe number four should be Orangina, sushi, sangria, or love. Reality television is great though.

In an attempt to combine the third and fourth sweetest joys, Kidz In The Hall are making a reality series called “Here Now”, which follows the artists as they attempt to break into the mainstream.

The 6 episode series follows The Kidz as they set up shop at a house in the Hollywood Hills for a few weeks, amidst distractions from the Hollywood lights, girls, and partying, while making their new album, Occasion, at the Red Bull Studios. During theshow, the group takes part in All Star weekend, throws a BBQ at the house, and deals with the general ups and downs of everyday life as artists. This Sunday, June 5th, the first episode will premier on mtv2.com as well as adidas.com, redbull.com and kidzinthehall.com.

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