It’s Friday morning.  You’re at work, but you’re not working.  You’re super exhausted because you were up all night trying to figure out just what the hell Dubstep is, and where it came from.  Part of this is my fault for lacing you with that lethal Superginger / Biggie remix.  Well guess what?  I’m not sorry about it, and neither are you.

The only thing for us to do now is uncover the roots and history of this “genre” of music that has strategically backed its way into damn near every remix on the planet. Dubstep, you prick.  You over promise and under deliver consistently, and yet we still welcome you back.  So what’s your deal??

Thankfully super genius, Dom Mazzetti is here to answer these mind-bottling questions for us in a little segment titled, “Dom Mazzetti vs. Dubstep.”  Hit the jump, be amazed, and then catch a nap under your desk a la George Costanza.

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