It goes without saying that OFWGKTA is probably the most talked about  act in the world right now, and Tyler, The Creator is a force to be reckoned with. The highly anticipated GOBLIN is coming out in a little over a week, and Amazon just came through with the 30 second previews of the album.

I generally don’t do the previews because they’re never a good representation of the song or album as a whole, but while everybody’s waiting on this one, it’s worth checking out. Sonically, lyrically and creatively, Tyler doesn’t seem to be going too far from the material in Bastard. Instrumentally still really dark, with the occasionally track that feels like a lo-fi Neptunes beat. Can’t really speak on the lyricism, with only 30 seconds to go on that wouldn’t be fair, but it’s safe to say that Tyler hasn’t gone mainstream to capitalize on popularity with this album. Early favorites: “Transylvania,” “Her,” “AU79,” & “Golden.”  Stream the sampler below, thanks to Semtex.

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