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The other day, A-Trak hit my cell and asked if I wanted to come out and party. I accepted. I figured that while we were out having fun, I might as well get some work done, so I asked him a few questions for the latest P&P interview. Just kidding. I haven’t left my house in 3 years and I would never, ever answer my phone unless it was @JennsDrunk. Did this interview via email.

You can catch A-Trak live on the Magic 8 Ball tour and keep up with the man at his official website.

When you’re DJing, what song never fails to get people moving?

My remix of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

What are your thoughts on Lil B?

I love him! He’s down with Fool’s Gold. I think his following is amazing, and he’s self-made, one of a kind. I think he’s breaking down a lot of barriers lately too by touching on subjects that have always been taboo in hip hop.

A few weeks ago, a pigeon landed on my balcony and laid eggs. It was weird, because I’m obsessed with pigeons. I named one of the babies after Mike Tyson, but the other is still unnamed. Will you pick a name for me?

Foghorn Leghorn

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We love Donnis and Danny Brown, how did you link up with those guys?

Through the internets! The same way that everyone else discovers music, we just try to catch them early and sign them to Fool’s Gold. They’re both incredible rappers.

Favorite mode of transportation?


What’s one thing you can’t live without?

My family.

You’ve been DJing for a long time, and you’ve worked with some crazy sounds. What’s your favorite instrument? Favorite animal noise? Favorite sound ever?

I’m gonna be predictable and say my favorite instrument is the turntable. You can make some crazy sounds with scratching. Favorite animal noise is the sheep’s baba. Favorite sound ever is… an 808 cowbell. Ding-ding!

If you weren’t doing music, what would you be doing?

I’d be a scientist.

Best place you’ve performed (venue, city, country, planet, whatever)?


Name one place you have to go when you’re in the following cities: New York, Chicago and LA.

New York: the Fool’s Gold headquarters. Chicago: Hot Doug’s. LA: In-N-Out.

Will you vote for Donald Trump if he runs for president?

Are you crazy?

Favorite Wu-Tang member?


2Pac or Biggie?

Biggie all day

Pigeons or planes?

I’m sick of planes, lemme try a pigeon.

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