Highly recommended – this is excellent. One of the greatest joys of new music is listening to something with no expectations and being blown away. I’m not sure how to best describe this feeling, but I’m pretty sure it starts somewhere in the stomach and quickly rises to the back of the brain, probably bringing on a burst of neurochemicals that make you feel immediate pleasure. I don’t know – ask science. What I do know is that I got that feeling listening to this. So smooth.

I got wind of this project last night, thanks to @theSFCritic. I hadn’t heard of Recess before, but I’ve learned that it is a collaborative project between Sene and theClubhouse – about 6 core musicians total. I’ll do some more research later, but for now just download this album and give it a listen.

Recess ft. Blu – “How Do You Sleep”

Recess – “The Gentleman”

The genre-bending collaboration between Sene and theClubhouse with sounds ranging from experimental hip-hop to 50’s crooner pop.

Hit the jump for a back cover, download links for the album, and a short video explaining the project…

DOWNLOAD: Recess – Recess (Album)

DOWNLOAD: Recess – Recess (Album)