This month we have Kayla, P&P’s youngest contributor, reviewing Lykke Li‘s “Breaking It Up”.  I was worried about sending this video over to Kayla for review, because you know how strongly I feel about my Lykke Li. When people say negative things about her, I go into blind furies that can last for weeks.

Hit the jump for her review and my response…

Watch Lykke Li’s “Breaking It Up” Video here

Dear Jacob,

I like this song a lot but the music video is really wierd because she is just dancing in a wierd way and why does she use the megaphone at the begining .Your right shes a really good singer.You really have a crush on her well i already kind of new that but shes way out of your leauge!


P.S.I love her song in twilight!


Dear Kayla,

Lykke Li dances beautifully. Most pop stars are like robots programmed to move in a way that appeals to the masses. Every move is planned by choreographers and practiced in rooms that look like miniature gymnasiums with giant mirrors to symbolize America’s obsession with self-image. Lykke Li, however, dances as free as the ocean or the wind, a beauty unparalleled by anything created by humans.

Also, I am slightly offended that you belittle my love for Lykke Li by calling it a “crush”. It’s way beyond that. And she’s totally in my league – I have a way of wooing pop singers with lines like “So, I have a music blog” and “My name is Jacob, but you can call me Confusion”.  Sorry, this response got weird. I’m glad you like Lykke Li’s singing!


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