BBU featuring Das Racist, and The Hood Internet on the beat? It knocks. Most of the time over a beat like this, you’d expect to hear the typical rhymes like:

“Take a wiff of this piff,
Posted VIP with a thick-boned bitch,
Take a couple shots, but please no pics,
Take a couple swigs of the syrup, no Vicks,
Empty full clips, see a couple blown lids,
Then it’s time to hit the crib and you can take the whole dick.”

Sorry, I got carried away. Point is, when it comes to content, Das Racist is not on the typical rhymes. Damn, my typical rhymes are kind of hot though. Someone put me in touch with The Hood Internet asap.

After playing together at CMJ 2009, BBU x Das Racist kept a good rapport over the following months, as each artist grew in their respective niches, they both began talking about a collaboration. In July, BBU brought Das Racist out to Chicago to perform at the popular monthly ‘Party At Your Mom’s House’. During the weekend they were in Chicago the two groups jumped into Michael Kolar’s Soundscape Studios alongside Chicago tastemakers Ruby Hornet, and laid down ‘Please, No Pictures’ with The Hood Internet handling production. The track was written, produced, and recorded over that weekend, and even features BBU’s Jasson Perez’s daughter on the hook. Prefix Mag went on to state, “BBU could be Das Racist: Midwest, since they’re concerned with race in America and pop culture with equal gusto and rhyming technicality. A perfect pairing, to say the least.”

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