This is an email from my friend’s daughter. Coolest kid out. She heard I didn’t like Ke$ha, so she wrote me this strongly worded letter. I’m still not a Ke$ha fan, but this is good stuff right here and I told her I’d post it up. Shoutout to Bugga, shoutout to Kayla.

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Dear Mr.Jacob,

The reson im giving you this strongly worded letter is because of Ke$ha!!! I am very dissappointed to hear from a source ( im mad at the source too ) that you dont enjoy Ke$ha (very dissappointed) !!! So i will try in the best of my abbilities to get you to like Ke$ha!!!!! FIRSTLY: Ke$ha`s song `We R Who We R` supports the issue of teenage suicide because its a very big issue basically its saying you are who you are made to be if you would like to enjoy this video on youtube you can click on the link -> !! SECONDLY : she is very self confident and she doesnt care what other people think about her she is just herself !!!  THIRDLY: she is a VERY good singer FOURTHLY: her vidoes just show her being herself and doing it freely FITHLY : she is very pretty !!!!   YOU JUST GOT POWENED BY A KE$HA LOVING TEN YEAR OLD GIRL HAHA !!!!!!!!!
Sincerly ,

Dear Ms. Kayla,

Thank you for the letter. Except that last sentence. That was rude, and I will get you back for that. Watch your back. You made some good points, although I have to disagree with you on points THREE and FIVE. While some people may enjoy Ke$ha’s voice, personally it makes me want to clog my ears with silly putty to stop the sound from getting in. Also, to point FIVE, I think that there are other singers who are much more beautiful (like, I don’t know, Lykke Li, for example), but we shouldn’t be judging female musicians based on their looks. This just perpetuates the objectification of women in pop culture. If you don’t get what I mean, ask your mom to explain that one. Next time I see you, we can have a Ke$ha listening party and I’ll give her another shot.



PS – Your use of parentheses is on point! I didn’t master the parentheses until I was like 19. You should start a blog.

PPS – I think It’s awesome that you are this passionate about the music you like.

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