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The original “Closing Time” came out in I wanna say 1997 or 98. It was a number one rock record for that year and still to this day is played on many alternative rock stations. Even though I was just a youngster when it came out I still remember watching the video of the lead singer walking aimlessly around a city. It was played multiple times a day and is a top track of the 90’s. Flash forward to 2011 and The Five One made a great song even better. Changing up the beat, adding 2 rap verses, but still keeping the roots of the track made for a very compelling song. I will let The Five One explain their exact feelings on the track,

Closing Time is a song originally written by a the band Semisonic. In the song there was a memorable line repeated throughout the songs stanzas, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” which made us think about the process of making music and relationships in general. So we jammed around figured out the chords, made 2 rap verses, and decided to make the back bone of this remake a Break Beat to represent two of our favorite things about the 90s. Alternative Rock such as Semisonic and Hip Hop ala Souls of Mischief and A Tribe Called Quest. Respect.

Check out The Five One on twitter, bandcamp, and their tumblr. Thanks to Mostly Junk Food.

The Five One – “Closing Time”

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