Posting mixtapes is tough for me, cause I’m a firm believer that one of the best things about P&P is that Confusion always has something to say about the music, but by the time I’ve listened to a mixtape and have something to say I’m way behind the times. I should’ve just thrown up this one, because I already knew it was going to be good before I listened. I’ve been a huge fan of QuESt since his phenomenal Distant Travels Into Soul Theory album. The kid’s a born lyricist, and isn’t afraid to rap about shit like love & broken hearts, which is often a topic to be avoided in hip-hop. The Reason: A Defense Mechanism dropped around 5 days ago and is definitely worth the download. I’ll talk about rappers I think are going to “make it,” like XV or Donnis, and I’m not sure QuESt will ever be one of them. He has no commercial appeal as far as I can tell, his music won’t be in a commercial, none of his tracks have been on MTV, but he’s chasing greatness and making art.

QuESt – We’re Going Down

QuESt – Today (ft. TreaZon)

Download: QuESt – The Reason: A Defense Mechanism (Mixtape)

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