This is Canadian pop artist Kai’s debut single “I Choose Me”, from her EP 11:11, out in January. It’s feel good pop with a positive message – so positive that it calls for the epitome of feel good positivity: a kazoo solo. I don’t know if I’ve heard a proper kazoo solo in a song since this. The song is definitely catchy enough to be in a commercial, which explains why it will be used in the 2011 promo campaign for First Choice Haircutters. Makes sense. Listen/download below.

Change is good. It is what keeps the sun rising and setting. In a time of never ending change, Kai defines it. With a voice that could hold the weight of the world, she shines with unlimited complexity; in its simplest form. At the age of 20 she has seen the world and has embraced it as the ultimate muse. A trip to Africa taught her strength of style and heart which translated into her unique vocal style and approach to writing. Driven by the powerful and primal urge to create music without all the cover up of most of today’s heavily produced music, she only strives to relate, share her stories with her fans and anyone who will lend their ear. Kai is change, and change is good.