Had to dedicate a post to this. After serving 8 months of a 1 year sentence, it has now been confirmed that Lil Wayne is a free man. No more need for Free Weezy. Today it’s #WelcomeHomeWeezy.

A weight has been lifted. The dark clouds have opened up to a blue sky filled with hope and justice. I’m sure we all feel the world is a better place just knowing that Dwayne Carter is out there somewhere recording hits and makin’ babies. Phew. Welcome home, Weezy.

Frank Ramz Edit: I must commend Wayne on something. Before he went into jail he recorded tons of music and videos specifically to be strategically released while he was behind bars. It almost seemed like he was never in prison if you ask me. Shit, if I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought the nigga was on some Clive Owens Gerard Butler in Law Abiding Citizen type of shit! Come to find out, he’s just a very clever dude. In the time that Wayne was locked up, he somehow managed to outwork artists who were free. What the fuck kind of shit is that!? For that, Dwayne, I tilt my hat to you! Welcome Home Mr. Martian!

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