New collaboration between Green Label Sound and Freelance Whales. If you still haven’t check out their album Weathervanes, I highly recommend it. “Enzymes” is a departure from the band’s usual warm, instantly catchy indie pop sweetness. This one feels wide open and slightly more distant, but after a couple listens it’s growing on me. Check it out.

Green Label Sound and Freelance Whales introduction came at just the right time, “Enzymes” was “originally mocked up on a laptop in the van, as a way of messing around with alternate time signatures… we were just rehearsing this song a few weeks ago, and now it’s recorded. And it will be released for free, which just feels right,” shared Judah Dadone (lead vocalist). He continued, “Not only that, but Green Label Sound also has this amazing track record of putting out singles from other artists that frame themselves like question marks. Is ‘Sleep Paralysist’ what Neon Indian’s next record might sound like? Green Label Sound is sort of a springboard for artists to try something new, and see where they can challenge themselves to go between records.”

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