I wish I spoke Spanish (other than “Vamos Rafa”) so I could understand what this girl is singing about. “Compartir” is Carla Morrison‘s one-shot video for her first single off of Mientras Tu Dormias (which I believe roughly translates into “Dormant Business Plan”). Saw it at Club Fonograma.

As I watch the beautifully scenic video, shot in Tecate (a city in Baja California, Mexico), I try to piece together the meaning by taking clues from the video. Here’s what I got:

She has a briefcase, so obviously she conducts some kind of business. In a twist, she reveals that her briefcase is full of flowers. The untrained sleuth might take this as some kind of clue to indicate she is in the flower business, but that is what we call a Red Herring. In fact, the red (think blood) is a symbol. What is a symbol, you ask? It is something that represents something else. Red flowers inside a briefcase most likely symbolize the death of Carla’s business. Possibly a start up. Since her business died, she is now walking desperately along the train tracks, singing beautiful songs in Spanish about her business #fail. That’s all I got. I’m pretty sure it’s accurate, but can anyone help translate?

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