This kid Chris Martin (no relation to Coldplay) is 16? Shit, when I was 16 my only motivation to get out of bed was the bong on the other side of my room, hiding in my guitar case. Right, right? Credit where credit is due, this kid is nice. If you need to place his style, file him somewhere between Wale and Curren$y with a little bit of Big Sean mixed in. Still could use a little studio magic, but keep in mind – this kid is 16. Damn.

16 year old LA (Inglewood) rapper Chris Martin releases his debut single, Diamond Supreme. There is a lot of amazing music coming from the streets of Los Angeles and this is some of it. Chris Martin comes from the school of lyrics over raw beats. No shortage of punch lines, no holds barred.

DOWNLOAD: Chris Martin – Diamond Supreme | Mediafire

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