This is the second trailer of Shortman Score and Frank Ramz’ “What I Need” video. The song features both emcees sharing what they need to get by on a day to day basis. Watch this and then check out Ramz’ trailer in case you missed it. The two artists took a completely different approach – Ramz’ clip shows his baby and his lady. Shortman Score’s shows empty liquor bottles and rolled up kush. (Mine probably would have fallen somewhere in the middle – possibly a baby smoking kush? Ramz hit me up for the remix!) The thing they both have in common is the music.

I’m looking forward to seeing this whole video. Videos showing rappers living out fantasy lives are played out. It’s cool to get a glimpse into the real lives of a couple young artists and from the trailer, it looks like this video is done well. You want to talk about keeping it real? You should probably shoot a video like this instead of throwing around money and paying women to pretend that they’re interested in you while the cameras are rolling. Credit to Shortman Score and Frank Ramz for the reality check.

*No Fly Zone* coming soon!

Download the full track here: Shortman Score & Frank Ramz – “What I Need” (Post)