We’ve leaked a few joints off of Wingspan’s *Down2Earth* EP here @ P&P, but today he drops the entire 7 track EP for free download. There’s also a hidden bonus track that you’ll only get to know about or hear after downloading the project. *D2E* features production from Charlie Hilton, Thelonious, Slip & more and includes a feature from Marky & myself. Here are some words from Mr. Hilton  about *D2E*:

The ‘Down to Earth’ EP was scheduled to release many months ago, but one life-threatening car crash later, Wing Span was unable wrap it up. With a new set of teeth, a restructured jaw and his feet on the ground (after briefly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel), the man has brought the project back down to Earth.

‘Down to Earth’ is not aimed to be a cliché, it is meant to symbolize Wing Span’s return to normality after, not only a tough year, but a tough few years. Things are on the up now and it is the perfect gateway project before solidifying the maturation of Wing Span the artist.

This stepping stone project proceeds the mighty ‘Growing Wings’, appearing in late 2010 / early 2011, which will be executive produced by myself. This is the first flight, the pilot show, before the main stellar lift off. Take a seat and enjoy.

Charlie Hilton

Wingspan – *Down2Earth* | Megaupload

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