Right, right, right? “Sappy” has always been one of my favorite, lesser known Nirvana songs, and tonight is one of those “fuck it” nights. While everyone else probably has that new Kanye video, the new Usher and Jay-Z collabo, and maybe even that new White Arrows, I don’t think too many will be promoting “Sappy”.

One of my favorite questions is “If you could see anyone perform, dead or alive, who would it be?” I like to ask this before I have to answer it, because I always struggle with answering it myself. It comes down to Bob Marley, Nirvana, Sublime, 2Pac, Elliott Smith, The Beatles, and The Grateful Dead. But you can’t choose 7 artists, so I usually just get really frustrated and come down with a panic attack, rendering the conversation dead.

Kurt Cobain was one of those figures in music that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. There are attention seekers, and then there are people who just command attention. I don’t think Kurt was meant for the spotlight, and I don’t think he even enjoyed being in it, but for kids like me, every move he made was important. I can’t tell you how many times I watched Unplugged In New York (one of my favorite live sets, ever), waiting for the few times when Kurt made eye contact with the camera. (During “Where Did You Sleep Last Night“, Kurt looks up briefly at 3:58 in a manner so piercing that I’m still surprised the cameras could handle it. I swear, that moment will stick with me forever.) Sounds creepy, I know, but he had one of those presences. Kurt could carry on for a whole set being the lead singer of a mainstream band on a televised concert, and never show his eyes. Okay, before I start sounding like a Stan I’m gonna cut this off. Enjoy “Sappy”, and get Unplugged In New York, if you haven’t.

Nirvana – “Sappy” (Left click to stream/download)

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