I introduced you to Moxie Black a little while ago, but that was just the intro. That was one of the more accessible, instantly understandable party jams that you could rock on a Saturday night without any raised eyebrows.

This? This is my shit. This is the shit I’ve been putting on all my playlists. This is the shit that gives new wave music a fitted cap and welcomes it into 2010 with a secret handshake. This is the shit I’ve been waiting to share. Mmm. Beautiful music, beautiful production. I love, love, love this song.

Call it the summer-jam of 2010, easy to reminisce to, but so much better to make new memories with. One part indie-pop, two parts hip-hop, shake, stir, now drink it up!

Download here: Moxie Black – “So Much Better”

Stream below: So Much Better by Moxie Black

Follow these guys on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Their Blog, whatever. Just support Moxie Black. These guys deserve it. Send them a message. Tell them Confusion sent you. Dekk (producer behind this) is one of the nicest people out (At least online. Prob a creep in real life.) There is still plenty more Moxie Black to come, so stay tuned.

And don’t miss out on their album: Moxie Black – How Did This Happen