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Just spotted this @ ThisIsR&B

I posted this song before in pt 38 of my R&B Session in May. I had labeled it as a Robin Thicke song and didn’t have any info on the song. Well this track has resurfaced with basically all the info and it’s finished; mixed & mastered.

Robin initially wrote this fine tune back in 2001 for MJ’s *Invincible* album, but it didn’t make the final cut for the LP. The version that leaked in May was the demo version. You can clearly hear the difference in quality. And now I know that Kenny G is the mastermind killing the sax on this record! Definitely felt this was worth another post of it’s own. This cut is off of Kenny G’s *Heart & Soul* LP which just dropped on June 29th.

Here is the Kenny G x Robin Thicke collaboration from Kenny G’s 13th album ‘Heart & Soul‘. This is actually a former Michael Jackson tune that Thicke wrote back in 2001 for MJ’s Invincible album but its been shelved afterwards. Thicke lends his falsetto vocals to ‘Fall Again,’ the lead single from the album Thicke has been a long time in the making. “I first met Robin at my best friend and musical partner Walter Afanasieff’s studio in San Rafael,” he tells PopEater. “This was many years ago — I think Robin was still a teenager. You could tell that he had such a passion for soulful music and had a unique approach to making songs. I wasn’t surprised to see him become so successful in recent years and have always been a big fan and supporter of him and his music. Robin is the real thing. I am super excited about the song that we did together. It’s an amazing composition that Walter and Robin created, and I just love the combination of Robin’s voice and my saxophone.”

[wpaudio url=”http://www.box.net/shared/static/ckd3pu8jx0.mp3″ text=”Kenny G Ft. Robin Thicke – Fall Again ’10” dl=”http://www.box.net/shared/static/ckd3pu8jx0.mp3″]