So, Oren Yoel, the man behind most of the production for Asher Roth’s debut album* is in a band? Yes, he is. And it’s a good band. New Kingdom is an LA based act that’s been performing for a couple of years, sharing the stage with acts like Asher, B.o.B, Janelle Monae, and Saul Williams.

Led by charismatic front man (just watch the vid) Noah King, they have mastered the art of blending genres. I know, every fucking body blends genres these days, but we’re not talking about a rapper sampling a 2 year old indie hit, and we’re not talking about blues-rock, pop-punk, or some kind of snobby jazz fusion. In a single song, these guys come across as funky, soulful punks without a hint of awkwardness or being disingenuous. Good shit, check it out.

*No matter how you feel about Asher’s style, admit it – that album boasted some sick production

Watch the video for “When Can I See You” below and hit the jump to stream the album. Or just head to their site and download it for free.

NAKED TIME EP by New Kingdom

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