I finally got around to listening through the supergroup Monsters Of Folk‘s self titled album. The album is good; some people will probably even say great, but they’re probably confusing the word “great” with “done by great artists”. If it wasn’t for the constant shifting of the voices heard taking control of songs, much of this album would run together in a stream of country influenced rootsy Americana songs.

The positive way to look at it is that you’ve got good songs sung by some of your favorite voices. The negative is that with all these great artists coming together, you might have expected some huge, eclectic, experimental, monster of an album with swirling flavors and unexpected moments of greatness. The first song on this album, “Dear God (Sincerely MOF)”, provides a disappointingly false idea of where this album is going to go so here’s your warning; Don’t get too excited. If you go in with that mindset, it would be hard not to enjoy throwing this album on while sitting around a campfire or cooking up bacon eggs on a Saturday morning.

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