Maaaannnnn Listen! Ya’ll lucky I love P&P and Confusion, cause otherwise I couldn’t take these mofo’s calling me “The Press” all damn day!!! Had to let them know that this isn’t something I usually do!
But damn I had fun!! Both Kizza & Colin are cool as sh*t!! I got to chop it up more with Kizza since it was his shoot. But I was ill-prepared. Didn’t have much space on the memory stick for the camera I had & deleting a few things to make more space killed the battery life a bit.
None the less I got some nice footage and now it needs to be edited. For now I’m just going to drop off these pics from the shoot & the mp3 for “Connect The Dots” below! Be on the lookout for the video in about a month..well, it’ll most likely be posted here.

Izza Kizza Ft. Colin Munroe – “Connect The Dots”
I’ll tell you this much, everybody there (Izza, Colin & the ppl from Decon Records) ALL knew about P&P and said they check it regularly! Amazingly Dope!!! & there might be some Ramz + Kizza sh*t in the near future! Hmm