I don’t know if you know this about me yet, but I’m a sucker for mash ups. Sometimes I fall victim to the shittiest of mash ups just because to me, mashing two songs that I like makes a third that is equal to the value of the first two combined. Not really, but kind of. Anyways, Raphael from http://www.theuep.com/ hooked me up with DJ Bling’s King Of Rock mix filled with lots of sick mash ups. Very well done, DJ Bling. Here are a few of my favorites. Each of these songs features more than the two artists mentioned, but you get the idea. Great for parties.

Watch out Girl Talk. I just wanna say that I love Girl Talk, but is he the best to do it, or just the most popular? ‘Cause there are mad people out there doing some sick mash ups. I’m sure they all hate getting compared to Girl Talk just because he was the first to get embraced by the hipsters. If any of these 4 songs were on the new Girl Talk album, they’d probably be my favorites. No lies. They just need clever titles. Check them out.

Update: They have clever titles! DJ Bling > Girl Talk???

KOR1 Kanye West vs Red Hot Chili Peppers (“Can’t Stop Getting High”)
KOR2 Jay-Z vs Led Zep (I Just Wanna Whole Lotta Love”)
KOR3 Mobb Deep vs Jimi Hendrix (Foxy’s Shook”)
KOR11 Nelly Fortado vs The Killers (Somebody Told Me/Maneater”)

UPDATE2: Since people are digging it, you can DL the full album here.