Soulja Boy, who is never afraid to take shots at other rappers, has drawn ire on Twitter after he insulted YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s fans.

After dropping off his new single “Squid Game,” named after the hugely popular Netflix series, Soulja Boy unleashed a string of tweets directed at other rappers. “Tyga fell off,” he tweeted on Thursday, followed by a similar tweet directed at Famous Dex. But it was his third tweet, aimed at the fanbase of YoungBoy Never Broke Again, that really got people talking.

“YB fans gay af,” he tweeted, unprompted.

As of late, a lot of Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit users have essentially turned “YoungBoy better” or “YB better” into a meme, replying to various rappers with it. While it does not excuse Soulja Boy using “gay” in a derogatory fashion, it could be that he’s seen these comments numerous times as a terminally online rapper. He even retweeted one of the replies to his tweet, which read, “All on random post commenting ‘YB better.’” Sure enough, those “YB Better” tweets are in Soulja’s replies.

The tweet has drawn criticism from both those calling out the rapper for using the word “gay” in such a manner and from YoungBoy fans.

Shortly after sending out the tweet, and getting backlash for it, Soulja sent out another one, writing, “I’m a fan of YB. Not all YB fans is gay. Just the ones that say. Fell off. Ratio.”

Read what Twitter had to say about Draco’s tweet below.