It’s been fascinating to watch the progression of Tyler, the Creator over the past 10 years. From Goblin to Cherry Bomb to IGOR (and everything in between) he’s evolved his sound and sharpened his skillset in each era. Tyler is a world-builder who approaches each album rollout as a unit, stitching together intricate storylines across music videos, artwork, lyrics, interviews, and the songs themselves. And every time he releases a new project, he delivers it with a new aesthetic, rarely repeating what he’s done in the past.

What will the next chapter in Tyler’s career arc bring us? It looks like we’ll soon find out. This week, he announced that his forthcoming album, Call Me If You Get Lost, is right around the corner. He hasn’t done any interviews about this new era yet, but he has left plenty of breadcrumbs, if you pay close attention. As we wait for the new album to arrive, we collected some of these clues for you. Here are 11 things you need to know about Tyler, the Creator’s next album.