Rihanna is now a household name, but it’s been a journey to get here. She began her foray into the music biz at just 15-years-old, when she formed a girl group with two of her friends in her native Barbados and was soon discovered by producer extraordinaire Evan Rogers. He saw the potential in Ri, and opted to leave her bandmates behind. She eventually made her way stateside, recorded “Pon de Replay,” and grabbed the attention of one Jay-Z—the rest is history, sort of. According to legend, Jay thought the track needed a bigger name attached to it. That is, until he heard her sing, and he was instantly sold. That experience would lay the foundation and mirror the framework of her future successes: if you’re on the fence about Rihanna, or something Rihanna is doing, she’s going to prove you wrong. She’ll not only change your mind; she’ll make you fall in love with what once was scary or unfamiliar. All you have to do is hear her sing.

14 years later, Rihanna has eight studio albums to her name, spanning all kinds of genres and feelings and textures—she’s evolved with each release, proving that real artistry is found in experimentation. From her sweet, youthful Caribbean sounds to the sultry explicitness of her later work, Rihanna is fearless in broadening her horizons.

But with eight full-lengths to her name, there's a lot of ground to cover. Rihanna is often painted as a singles artist—and boy, does she have hits—but there are some album cuts that warrant your time, attention and admiration, too. We’ve honored Rihanna before about her best work, and since then, we’ve gotten the long-delayed but very much worth the wait ANTI, and a bunch of other killer tracks. Check out how we’re feeling now.