Producer: Fatboi
Album: N/A
Label: So Icey Ent.

Fatboi's beat for Gucci's "Vette Pass By" was also used for Gucci's "Kick a Door," and both are impressive singles. "Vette" wins on balance, for the novelty of its concept, and because of Gucci's adlibs. Gucci's use of adlibs weren't (just) silly fun branding mechanisms, but played a part in the song's overall sound. On "Kick a Door," Gucci uses an adlib that sounds vaguely similar to an automatic weapon, but on "Vette Pass By," he uses a half-whistled sound effect that seems aimed at replicating the sound of a car passing by at high speeds. His flow on "Vette" was at its most stuff-nosed, while playing as loosely as possible with the beat's rhythm.