SSGKobe is denies that he sexually assaulted a woman during a studio session last month.

Two weeks ago, an artist named Ka$hkenni accused the Louisiana rapper of forcing her to have sex with him in a soundproof studio room on November 23.

According to Ka$hkenni, SSGKobe invited her to the studio under the impression he wanted to collaborate with her. Upon arriving at the studio, which was filled with a group of people affiliated with SSGKobe, the 19-year-old allegedly texted Ka$hkenni to enter the recording booth with him. 

“He gets up to go back into the recording room,” she wrote on Instagram. “I feel someone staring at me. I look over and he’s standing in the doorway of the room we are in giving me this very demanding and intimidating look. I’m still under the impression that he just wants to talk so I go into the recording room with him.”

“He proceeds to start trying to [take] advantage of me,” she wrote. “He asked me to give him head. I told him ‘no I don’t do that, I don’t wanna do that.’ And I try and move around him in order to leave the room and he steps in front of me to block the door.

“And proceeds to coerce me into doing things with him that I don’t want to do. He never asked for consent. And I was verbally telling him ‘No,’ ‘stop’ and ‘you’re hurting me.’ I was trying to push him off of me. But he ignore[d] all of that.”

Over the weekend, SSGKobe denied the allegations in a statement on social media.

“My parents raised me to respect women,” he wrote. “I practice this each and every day and will continue to live my life abiding by that. Unfortunately, a private matter of consensual sexual relations between two consenting adults has turned into a defamatory public matter against me.”

“The picture being painted is not based on facts. I apologize that my desire to not have a long term relationship with someone was not properly communicated by me, resulting in a false rehashing of events. I will leave this matter to be further addressed by my legal team.”

Read SSGKobe’s full statement below.