Spotify playlists are in the process of slaughtering the rap radio star. An artist’s career can be launched into the stratosphere if a buzzing song is placed on a popular playlist. The world’s biggest streaming service has created an ecosystem integral to the future of most musicians, and so far, hip-hop has embraced this new playing field more than any other genre.

As streaming has taken over the world, a once-favorite pastime of digging through blogs and obscure forums for under-the-radar artists has died. But you can still do the same thing if you follow the right playlists on Spotify. We did our best to pick the playlists that are showcasing new rappers to the world without sacrificing quality for quantity. They range from Spotify-built, label-designed, and blog-curated. Nevertheless, each of them will help you find a world of rappers that years ago might have been destined to toil in obscurity forever.