“Yo, he’s a bitch!”

Spider Cuz is sitting in a Bed-Stuy office building, pointing at my phone and laughing hysterically. On the screen is a photo of Travis Scott dressed in a brown Batman suit.

“He looks like a doo-doo brown cockroach in this photo,” he yells. “I’m not gonna front.”

Spider Cuz doesn’t have a problem with Travis Scott. He just hates anything that has to do with his nemesis: Batman. For months, he’s been running through the streets of New York in a full Spider-Man costume, taunting Batman and telling him to suck his dick. In January, he took the beef to a new level when he dropped a diss song, rapping about “smokin’ on that Martha Wayne pack” over a drill beat.

Wearing a blue bandana and a Yankees fitted cap over his Spider-Man suit, Spider Cuz is never caught without a bottle of Henny in his hand and a pair of Timbs on his feet. He looks and sounds like what would happen if Peter Parker spent years hanging out in Brooklyn, listening to Pop Smoke and studying ASAP Yams tweets. Carrying himself like a Brooklyn drill rapper, he punctuates sentences by yelling things like “viral” and “movie!” And if you watch enough local rap videos, you’ll see him dancing in the background of at least a few of them.

Spider Cuz has become a fixture in New York City over the past few months. Last fall, his appearance on the city’s one-minute street show Sidetalk went viral, and videos of his antics have been all over social media pages ever since. He even made an appearance in ASAP Rocky’s announcement video for Yams Day 2021. At this point, he’s a full-blown local celebrity, getting mobbed for photographs wherever he goes.