Since announcing their upcoming Verzuz battle in May, Soulja Boy and Bow Wow have spent the past month trading shots on social media, adding to the duo’s well-documented history of beef.

Earlier this month, Soulja told Bow Wow that he would give him the pink slip to the luxury sports car if he’s able to win the Verzuz battle. A few days later, Bow Wow clowned Soulja’s elusive hair line, which led to the latter questioning the former’s financial situation. 

On Monday, Soulja and Bow Wow’s ongoing feud continued, as the pair of MCs opened the week with an entertaining back-and-forth on Twitter that amounted in nearly 30 combined tweets over the span of an hour. 

Soulja kicked things off by reminding his followers that Bow Wow fell off, before questioning his hit-making ability. 

“Bow Wow ain’t had a hit since Marco Polo and I gave him that song,” Soulja wrote in one tweet, referencing Bow Wow’s 2009 single. “Bow wow couldn’t make a hit in 2021 if his life depended on it,” the 30-year-old rapper said in another post. 

Following several tweets from Soulja, Bow Wow joined the festivites.

“Soulja just stop, like literally stop...The diff w/ me and you is.. YOU HAVE TO PUT OUT MUSIC. I don’t. Ill be in the box office this weekend while you sit at home in your living room yelling on live at no one,” Bow Wow responded in the first of several tweets. “Soulja is the ben simmons of the rap game. Go rehearse and get off the internet. See you Saturday cap gun,” he wrote in another. 

With Soulja and Bow Wow set to take the Verzuz stage this Friday (June 26), check out their full Twitter rant below.