We don’t need to tell you how tough, chaotic, depressing, stressful and confusing the last 12 months have been, but we do at least have something to pick you up and hopefully help you to draw a line under it all. Coming together to offer some dancefloor optimism, sibling duo Everyone You Know (EYK) and rising artist and producer Joy Anonymous (who recently won praise for his work alongside Fred Again.. on “Lifetime” by the XX’s Remy) have combined for a club-ready shot in the arm, “Just For The Times”.

Filled with nostalgia for the before times and a wide-eyed optimism for what’s to come, “Just For The Times” is a cathartic burst of all the energy we’ve had pent up for what feels like several lifetimes. With a soulful Big Beat hook in the middle framed by the spoken verses that imagine what the first post-rave lockdown’s going to look like; the reunited friends, the atmosphere, the euphoria of it all. Bringing that heady rush to life, they called on fans to create and curate the video you can watch at the top.

Explaining how the track initially came together, EYK commented: “Joy sent us the initial idea back in Feb 2019. We loved it and knew we’d use it but it wasn’t quite right for us at the time. Two years and three lockdowns later, we decided to come back to it with a fresh pair of ears. We wanted to make it something special, something everyone can relate too, and something timeless that gives people hope and prosperity. We’re so excited to finally have this out, hope you enjoy it.”

Joy Anonymous adds: “We wanted to write an anthem that was dedicated to the times to come and reminiscing on the times we’ve had, and I couldn’t think of a better time to do it than finding joy with Everyone You Know.”

Watch the nostalgic, grainy visuals for “Just For The Times” exclusively above.