South London sonic auteur Cleto Maréz has been crafting beats and soundscapes for a little while now. His Sonic Dissertation on Black Reality for Black Discourse—which stirred together City Girls and Slick Rick with soundbites from the likes of Toni Morrison and Darcus Howe, should give you a pretty good primer of what Marez is about—but before you do that, he’s just dropped animated visuals for his newest creation, “Get That Money Sis”.

The track acted as the opener for the Sonic Dissertation, but taken by itself it’s just as intoxicating. A head-rush of warped vocals ebb and flow while overlapping snippets of rap and various strains of club music swirl in and out of the mix, creating the effect of flicking through radio frequencies. Like a lot of his music, it feels more like walking down a busy London street surrounded by myriad sounds all vying for attention, specifically those rooted in the lineage of Jamaican sound system culture. Still, for all the free-flowing experimentalism, you’d be surprised by how soulful and club-ready this one is.

Take in the animated visuals from Formidable Season at the top and then buy the track here and make sure you add the track to your playlists.