New York-born Annalise Azadian has been working in music for a few years now, experimenting with her sound and trying different things out, but then last year she struck gold with her Six Weeks Of Seven EP, which has gone on to notch up millions of streams. Building on that momentum, she today returns with her new single, “Life Of The Party”, which was produced by H.E.R and Kehlani collaborator Swagg R’Celious.

A smoky, dance pop number, “Life Of The Party” is somewhat lowkey, but still has plenty of energy to keep your moving. As she explains in more detail below, the track is about her dislike of attention and large social events, and her efforts to blend into the background. Playing up to that, the video from director Steve Muelz (for which Annalise acted as creative director) splashes Annalise and her friends in bright bursts of colour as she slinks through an overgrown series of party games in the vein of Honey I Shrunk The Kids.

Sharing her thoughts behind the track, Annalise explains: “I secretly hate parties. Being an artist is all about putting yourself out there, yet I tend to find myself being the wallflower in crowded rooms. I sometimes wonder if this makes people gravitate towards me even more, hence the ‘All eyes on me’ lyric; it had a feel-good vibe with an emotional theme. When Swagg got involved, he loved the reference, and added his twist on it with a whole new energy and vibe to become more of a summer anthem, party song—especially with the world beginning to open back up. The song started as a soulful hook about standing out but not necessarily enjoying that limelight, whether in day-to-day life or, in this case, a party.”

Annalise will also be hosting a series of pop up parties with Larry Smoove in her hometown of NYC this weekend, beginning in Washington Square Park before moving to Times Square and finishing up in Union Square. Head to her socials for more info.

Hit play on the visuals at the top and be sure to add “Life Of The Party” to your playlists.