Polo G has just unleashed the electrifying new visuals for his song “Toxic” off his latest No.1 album, Hall of Fame. 

The vibrant animated visuals done by Ryan Lynch with direction from Counterpoint 2.0 bring “Toxic” to life, with everything that Polo G is rapping about materializing before listeners’ eyes. Flashes of the things Polo is rapping about burst onto the scream as the young Chicago rapper is surrounded by his friends. “Toxic” comes off his No. 1 albumHall of Fame, where Polo G teams up with some of the best in the game right now to prove he deserves a spot amongst them as well.

When talking to Complex about the making of Hall of Fame, Polo G said that his motivation to continue grinding is that he wants to prove to himself he can be the greatest.

“My motivation is knowing that I always want more for myself, and that there’s always a level up to keep improving,” he said. “I know that I definitely ain’t reached my ceiling yet, and I know that I’ve got room for improvement on a lot of shit. So I just stay locked in knowing that, and knowing where I want to be 10 years from now: tapped into fashion, and looked at as one of the big names in fashion and an even bigger name in music. Ten times bigger and better as an artist than where I am now.”

Check out the new music video for Polo G’s “Toxic” up top.