The pressure was on. On YouTube, fan uploads like “I Put A Beat Over Polo G’s Unreleased Acoustic Song” were getting millions of plays, and everyone had different expectations for what the final song should sound like.

“It’s not really a situation I’ve been in before,” Synco admits. “There’s a lot of pressure. Fans want it to be the best thing ever, and Polo G’s one of the hottest artists out, so I didn’t want to disappoint. I’m trying my best to not do too much on the beat, but also do enough to where it gives the song some more depth. And of course, I wanted to give my own take on it, as opposed to just throwing some drums over the ukulele. So I went in and I added some chords, some little counter-melodies on piano, some pads, and some vocal chops.”

After trying out a few versions of the beat, Synco settled on the one we hear today. Then he added his producer tag (which is voiced by Bay Area rapper LikyBo) and sent it back to Bankz.

When the song finally made it back to Polo, he loved it. In fact, he believed in “Rapstar” so much that he changed the entire rollout for his next album (Hall of Fame) so he could release it next.

“We had a very solid plan, then just out of nowhere, something hit him,” says Polo’s co-manager Steven “Steve-O” Carless. “He said, ‘No. Listen. I’m telling you guys. This is the record. We have to disrupt our entire plan, and we’ve got to pay attention to what the fans are saying.’”

“He knows his fan base,” Stacia Mac points out. “He’s very in tune with them. We had this amazing plan and he went with his gut.”

At first, Polo’s idea to flip the script and make “Rapstar” the next single wasn’t received very well amongst the team. “That opinion was not popular,” Carless reveals. “It shows a lot of courage, bravery, and guts on his side to just stand on that position and continue forward with what he believes in. He even had to take Stacia and I off our square with it. But when we look at it now, we’re really proud of that decision he made. Because man, he totally changed the trajectory of where this is going, and now we can really stage him as the superstar artist that we know him to be.”

Once everyone was onboard with the new plan, the team got to work on the music video.

“We were looking up the best cameraman, and met with Arrad,” Polo G says. “I had him slide on me at the studio and gave him, like, 50 ideas of how I wanted to shoot the video. He came back with a treatment and we went from there.”