The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed music and entertainment. At least for now, the days when you could head down to the local club to catch a DJ or to see an artist perform are over. But creative minds have stepped in to fill that void in exciting ways. And perhaps no form of pandemic entertainment has been more groundbreaking, more viewed, and straight up more fun than Verzuz. Of course, with hip-hop maestros Timbaland and Swizz Beats acting as the masterminds behind Verzuz, the success of the online artists battles isn’t surprising. 

The pandemic has also changed exercise. It’s no longer possible for most Americans to head down to the gym to lift with friends or to enjoy a spin class. Luckily, Peloton, the innovative at-home fitness platform was ready to fill that void too. Prior to the Pandemic, Peloton had a dedicated following, but since COVID lockdowns began last spring, it’s become a phenomenon, enchanting exercise enthusiasts everywhere, and propelling its most popular instructors to star status. 

And now, Peloton and Verzuz, the undisputed leaders of their fields, have partnernered to offer virtual classes set to the sounds of artist battles past. Needless to say, friendly competition is the cornerstone of both Verzuz and Peloton, so it only makes sense that the two companies have recently joined together. Hey, as Timbaland says, “Music and fitness is like brothers and sisters.” 

That means Peloton users, Bike, Tread, or App, now have the option to sweat it out to the sounds of some of Verzuz’ most iconic clashes. Even better, the Peloton-Verzus partnership is encouraging users to strengthen their online communities, allowing class attendees to support their favorite artists through Tags on the Leaderboard. For example, just add a Tag like #VerzuzBrandy to your Peloton profile to support your faves during your next workout. At the end of the month, Peloton will even recap how the community showed up for their favorite Verzuz stars.

So if that sounds like a little taste of pre-pandemic life being streamed right into your house, you have the right idea. According to Swizz Beats, with Peloton and Verzuz, “Everybody’s in the VIP.” And that sounds like the perfect workout to us.


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