Having dropped two of the most monumental projects in the past 12 months between them—Send Them To Coventry and TyronPa Salieu and Slowthai have combined their considerable powers for an absolute sledgehammer of a track, “Glidin”.

Both artists are perfectly positioned to dominate festival season (if it even happens this year) and now they’ve got a combined banger they can detonate together. Production comes from LiTek and Whyjay and it’s a punishing Moltov cocktail of Slowthai’s manic fury and Pa Salieu’s commanding, measured tone.

For the visuals, top tier director KC Locke puts the pair under bright neon lights, filling the screen with eye-blistering bursts of yellow and blue. Tearing up the scenery piece-by-piece, there’s no doubt they’ve got a lot of pent up energy to let go off when the festivals open up again. If you do catch either of them live, approach the pit with caution.

Hit play on the chaotic visuals at the top and then make sure you add “Glidin” to your playlists.