Nipsey Hussle’s legacy continues with The Marathon Live Visual Album Experience, an interactive event in celebration of his 2010 seminal mixtape.

The livestream will offer fans an unprecedented look into The Marathon‘s creation, presenting never-before-seen content and previously unreleased interviews from the tape’s era. Though it won’t include an avatar of Nipsey, the production will attempt to convey the late rapper’s essence with a recreation of his Mercedes Benz SL550 convertible. The car will travel throughout Los Angeles, highlighting historic landmarks and sites that helped form Nipsey as both a man and artist. 

The production—presented by OkiDoki in collaboration with Puma with The Marathon Clothing—relied heavily on Google maps, 3D modeling software, and photography by Jorge Peniche, who began working with Nipsey in the late aughts.

“I think OkiDoki knocked it out of the park,” JP told Complex. “I thought it would be pretty cool to create an album visualizer that not only visually showed these different landmarks that were instrumental to this project and to this era, but giving a little bit of background story to these places. The intake of our information and our stories is very intricate and detailed and it was executed to a T.”

JP also reflected on The Marathon’s far-reaching impact not only in regards to Nipsey’s career but the entire culture.

“… I think The Marathon project specifically was the first seed he planted for this phenomenon that Nipsey was. Nipsey was very intentional with all of the music that he did, and all the moves that he did. His mission in life was really clear from an early age, and that was to inspire and to help people. He loved people. He loved his community. If Nipsey didn’t do music, I think he would still inspire in some other capacity. He was a natural-born leader.”

You can stream The Marathon Live Visual Album Experience now via YouTube above. The event is presented nearly two years after Nipsey was fatally shot in South L.A.