Rising Fayetteville rapper Morray has just dropped his debut project Street Sermons, where the budding star tackles all 13 tracks without any features.

Coming off his scorching hot song “Quicksand” that launched him to a new level, Morray has already garnered co-signs from big name acts like Tierra Whack, Jay-Z, and fellow Fayetteville native J. Cole. The 28-year-old’s unique style makes his work relatable to the streets and beyond, and he displays that in full force on Street Sermons.

Speaking with Complex this week, Morray explained how he got started in music and what albums inspired him growing up.

“Rap music came to me at like, 15 or 16,” he said. “I was in Pennsylvania. I met with a group called SGS and they would rap. Then Drake had just dropped So Far Gone. So me getting used to all these records and then hearing how he rapped and sang, kind of made me say, ‘Yo, I don’t got to just be R&B, hip-hop vibes, gospel, or just sing. I can rap, too.’ So, I can harmonize a little bit easier to rap, because I didn’t have to try that hard with crazy bars back in the day. It was just me trying to pick out a flow. Now, I’m more focused on what I’m saying.”

When talking about being compared to other artists like Rod Wave, CeeLo Green, and T-Pain, Morray says he’s grateful for it because they are all top-tier acts. “At the end of the day, comparisons are with people who are already at their top level,” he said. “So thank you for all of them. If you’re comparing me to someone who got a million views, a million this, a million that, I’m taking that. Appreciate it.”

Listen to Morray’s debut project Street Sermons below:

You can also take a look at the new “Can’t Use Me” music video here: